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We believe everyone should enjoy what they do.  Everyone has a passion, and should focus on that passion.  To that end, we take our love of marketing and help business owners focus on what they're good at, what they started their businesses for while we handle the challenges of building an online presence and using the web to get leads for our clients.

What We Do

We’re in the business of Digital Marketing.  We read about it every day.  We make videos about it every week.  And we write code in our sleep. Somewhere along the way, we spend time with our clients helping them understand how Digital Marketing works, and how best to use digital marketing tools to meet their business objectives.

Over the past few years, we perfected our Marketing Discovery Process.  This is a process we go through with every client we bring on board.  It’s a series of fun, thought-provoking meetings that forces marketers and business owners to take a look at themselves and look at their business from an outside perspective.  We have found that it can be challenging for people to step back from their business and evaluate it with an unbiased outside perspective.  

Marketing Discovery

Through Discovery, we help our clients realize who their customer is, why their customer is looking for them and how they can best serve them.  When you know who you’re speaking with, you’re better able to relate to them and express yourself in a way they’ll engage with.  We also spend time assessing the competition and learn what’s working, what isn’t and identify marketing opportunities to pursue.

Once we’re done Discovery, you have a good idea who you’re marketing to with customer personas that define personality types that make up your target market.  It’s at this point where we put together a Marketing Proposal, that could be made up of a new website design, lead generation techniques, search engine marketing and more.  What we’ll propose will depend entirely on what we uncover in Discovery.  We don’t believe in anything cookie-cutter, unless we’re baking chocolate-chip cookies.

If you're interested in going through Marketing Discovery, let's connect!

Marketing Discovery Customer Personas

Helping Businesses Win on the Web!

Our Story

The adventure began 10 years ago, back in 2008, when our co-founder and CEO Sandeep Sambhi began building websites in university.  What started as a fun project to see what was possible gave way to a passion for creation that is still going strong today.  Our beginnings found us building websites for clients in various industries with a focus on design.  

We quickly learnt that building beautiful websites was fun.  What was more fun, it turns out, is building websites that have a plan behind them.  We started to consider marketing strategy and how to make our clients increase their profits with their websites.  Rather than a website being a simple brochure or a business card, we wanted to make it a part of their sales process, almost like an automated salesman.

This evolution got us into learning about user experience, behaviour, personalities and goals.  We incorporated this thought-process into our project plans and started to put serious emphasis on professionally-written copy, exciting call-to-actions and imagery that connected users to the brands we were representing.

Today, we enjoy meeting business owners and helping them tell the world who they are and why their customers should work with them.  This inspired our new tag line for 2018: Helping Businesses Win On The Web!

Now in Liberty Village, Toronto!

In March 2018, we relocated from Milton to Toronto, Ontario.  As we serve more and more clients in the Greater Toronto Area, we wanted to be within arm's reach of where the action is.  We are excited about our new design studio that features it's own photography and video blog studio.  It's where we shoot our weekly Digital Marketing Moment videos.  

If you're in the area and want to chat about marketing, we would love to have you over!

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