Help Your Online Shoppers Feel Special With These 2 Tips to Boost Sales

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Help Your Online Shoppers Feel Special With These 2 Tips to Boost Sales

Bring that hospitality you give your guests in person at home or business to your online presence to improve sales and customer retention.

Today I want to talk about 2 strategies you can use to improve your customer retention rate and your engagement rate on your website. 

Welcome your guests

When someone comes to your website or e-commerce store, I want you to start treating them like someone that's coming to visit you at your home. What do you do when someone comes to your home? You welcome them, in that respect, when someone comes to your site and completes an order, welcome them to your website, welcome them to your online presence or whatever it may be, and make them feel special for choosing your site or business to do business with. 

Thank your guests

The second one plays off the first, and it's when you get your first order on your online store. Send your customer a thank you email, a thank-you offer, and/or something to make them feel special. Just as when somebody comes to your home or comes to your party, or comes to your event and does something nice to you, you always want to thank them. Doing so what will help build a positive and human relationship between your brand and your customer, and increase the change of them come back to your brand again and again for more business. 

If you follow these 2 tips, you'll be building a positive relationship with your customer and they will feel like they are more than a number to you and your business. 

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