Ecommerce Website Design & Marketing

Focus On Running Your Retail Store While We Market Your Business Online, By Helping Your Customers Find You!

Ecommerce allows your customers to buy your products and services without having to drive to your physical store.  We can help your business sell to a whole new market with a simple ecommerce marketing strategy.  There are a lot of options and platforms to choose from.  We'll match you up with the best one for you.

What Makes Up A Great Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is a critical strategy for more and more business today.  It allows businesses to break free from the traditional shackles of brick-and-mortar retail.  With online retail giants like Amazon reshaping the retail industry every day, it’s vital to give your customers the best shopping experience to keep them coming back for your products and services.

The Success Of Your Online Store Depends On Many Factors  

Here Are Some Ways To Help Improve Your Online Store Sales:

Product Pages

Product pages with beautiful high-res photography, detailed descriptions, product reviews and well-placed call-to-actions are a must for any online store today.  Make that online shopping experience as personal as an in-store visit with friendly and inviting messaging, and product imagery that's larger than life!

Marketing Campaigns

Promoting your store on different online properties by understanding where your customers spend their time online can help grow your customer base.  Discount codes are a great way to entice users to visit your store, and present you with another way to track where sales are coming from.  They’re also a great way to recover a lost sale.  Abandoned carts?  We can talk about that!

Remarketing Advertising Campaigns

There are many reasons a potential customer would load up their cart without checking out.  Whether it’s your shopping experience or just a customer having a busy day, the Google Analytics reports from your online store can help shed light on where the ecommerce store is failing your customers.  It could just be as simple as the customer getting sidetracked.  Remarketing ads allow you to remind your customers to come back to your store to finish their purchase.

Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing campaign can help you promote new products and services to your customers.  During slow times, a promotional campaign with a discount offer is a great way to bring your customers out to your store.  We can help execute an email marketing strategy that your subscribers will read.

Interact With Customers Online

Whether you’re interacting with your customers on your Facebook page, by text message or email, many online shoppers will have a question or two prior to checking out.  Live Chat is a great way to engage in that 2-way conversation with your customers while they’re shopping on your website.   Answer questions from your customers from your computer when you’re in the store, and your mobile device when you’re in between trips to your warehouse restocking your products!

Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

With more and more customers shopping online from their mobile phone or tablet, your online store has to provide a reliable and intuitive shopping experience for your potential customers, regardless of the device they’re using.  Mobile users are typically in a rush, so we need to ensure we address user experience and make sure the shopping experience is quick and easy for your customers.

Product & Business Reviews

Customers love reading reviews before doing business with a new company.  It helps them learn more about how you treat your customers.  Stores with few to no reviews often suffer from poor sales.  A customer engagement strategy to encourage past customers to leave reviews can be very beneficial to the performance of your store.  Positive reviews have been known to help Google search position.  Negative reviews aren’t all bad either.  They offer your the opportunity to resolve a customer service issue and turn an unhappy customer into a loyal customer for life; it’s all in how you handle the specific issue.

Reliability, Security & Privacy Are All The Rage

Your customers are weary of the data they share with you.  Data breaches and abuse of personal data are growing too commonplace today and make people feel uneasy.  The ecommerce platform you choose has to be secure and protected to keep you and your customers safe.  

Online shopping gives your customers the ability to shop any time, any day.  Your website hosting has to be reliable so your store is there to serve your potential customers at any time of the day.  Choosing the right website host is an important part of your ecommerce marketing strategy.

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