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Selling Online with E-Commerce Website Design

The Internet has drastically changed people’s perception of shopping and researching their purchases. Customers now expect to be able to purchase the products they want, from anywhere in the world, anytime of the day. Convenience is important now more than ever. That is why it is important for you to set up your website with e-commerce capabilities today!

Advantages of e-Commerce

  • The ability to conduct business 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Access to a larger market: your customer base suddenly grows from people that can drive to your brick and mortar store, to virtually anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Speed and convenience: purchases can be made faster and easier. From the comfort of your living room or anywhere you choose, your item will be shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days. As a business owner, you don’t have to worry about displaying inventory. You simply accept payments, and ship out the products!
  • Display product and service information about your products online. There are still customers that research their purchases online and come in to brick and mortar stores to complete their purchase. These customers rely on e-commerce stores to learn about their products before making an educated decision. It is vital to put your best foot forward to make a good first impression and ensure your business is selected as the place to make their purchases.
  • Instantly update pricing and advertise sales promotions through email marketing and paid search marketing.
  • Be found faster. Our e-commerce modules are fully SEO enabled. Google, Yahoo! and other search engines will be spidering your product catalogs, increasing your search engine rankings instantly!

Achieving E-Commerce Success


Our client, PL8MAKER.CA, experienced a 200% increase in number of products per order after launching their new e-Commerce website. They achieved this by learning more about their clients and providing a sales experience that promotes the right products throughout the sales experience.

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It’s Easy

Once your website e-commerce platform is set up, uploading products is easy. Our rich-text editors allow you to enter product descriptions, keyword tags for search engines, upload multiple images and set up pricing and shipping options. We work with you to set up payment handling, categorization of products and shipping preferences. We can work with you to upload your inventory, or we can provide the training for someone on your staff to maintain your e-commerce store for you!

It’s Secure

Our e-commerce modules are very secure. We use 128-bit cryptography using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to transmit vital customer data. The customer’s data is transmitted securely to Paypal, your financial institution, or any other payment processing service you choose. Your system can accept payments from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal, or any other major payment methods.

Contact our e-commerce solutions consultant today to set up a free consultation. We can design an e-commerce website from scratch or add e-commerce functionality to your existing website today.

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