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Spice up your booth with an interactive iPad® or Android tablet.

Mobile iPad® Tradeshow Displays

iPad® tablet kiosks are designed to allow people to secure a tablet in a public location so that consumers can interact with the iPad®. An example of this is at a restaurant, while your dining. You can also use an iPad® in a public location, such as your store, a trade show booth, or pretty much anywhere else you can think of!

There are so many perks of using an iPad® tablet at your trade show booth. 

  1. More time spent at your trade show booth – Once the iPad® has lured people to your trade show booth, usually those folks stick around your booth a little longer than they would a booth without an iPad®. This provides you with an opportunity to share information with those visitors who are about your products, services, company, and industry.
  2. Increased engagement in your booth – People who take time to stop by your booth, and then spend some extra time while there, are also more engaged in what you have to say then those who simply pass by, say hello to be polite, grab your free swag and leave. Having an iPad® or tablet at your booth provides you with an opportunity to talk to someone who is actually listening to you and wants to learn more about such an innovative company.
  3. Convert booth traffic into online connections – We can help develop an app for your iPad or tablet that allow you to collect email addresses right on you iPad® and Tablets in your booth.
  4. Opportunity to show educational content about your products, services, company, and industry – Do you have YouTube videos detailing your products or services? How about a website? Maybe you have product specs saved as PDF files. Any of these pieces of content can be served up on the iPad® for your trade show booth visitors to read or watch. We can help those vital pieces of information on you iPad® and tablets, which helps to illustrate how professional your company is.

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