Paid Search Marketing With Google Ads

Our Google Ads Campaigns Get You Fast Results At The Lowest Possible Cost Per Click

As a Google Partner, our Google Ads managers are trained to get you the lowest cost for every click on your paid search marketing campaigns. Quality Score (QS), landing page experience and website all play an important role in campaign performance. Win on the web with a Google Ads campaign focused on a positive return on investment.


Your Customer, Their Intent, And Your Ad

Search marketing campaigns can get expensive very quickly for inexperienced users without a plan.  The Google Ads user interface is remarkable user-friendly.  It's easy to begin targeting a huge number of keywords when you see how many people are searching online.  Figuring out which keywords are right for your business and budget are the pillars of a paid search campaign that will drive the right people to your site and meet your advertising budget.

Your customer is coming to Google searching for a solution to their problem.  The copy you use has to be written based on a firm understanding of why your customer is looking for a product or service like yours.  Without this understanding, you risk paying for the wrong person to come to your website, which can spiral into an out-of-control CPA (cost per acquisition).

An effective paid-search campaign will look at the customer's entire journey through your sales funnel. From the moment they type something in Google, to seeing your ad, to the landing page they end up on, it has to flow well and be consistent.  Sending users to your homepage won't cut it if you want to maximize your conversion rates.

Nurturing Your Campaign As Time Progresses

Every business and competitor of yours engaging in paid search marketing has one clear goal: to get the most qualified people to their site at the lowest possible cost.  This is a dynamic environment with variables changing every day.  Your campaign needs to be monitored and adjusted constantly to make sure you continue to get the most return on investment from Google Ads.  

Geotargeting Google Ads

As your business evolves and new opportunities open up, geo-targeting allows us to target people in the right area. Brick and mortar businesses need to focus their ad spend on where their customers live. Customer behaviour will dictate that, and we'll make sure we're spending money in the right places.

Optimizing Your Website

Did you know your website load time can affect your QS (Quality Score)?  Building your landing pages to load quickly can help lower your CPC (cost per click) so you get more visitors out of your advertising budget.

Enhanced Campaigns & Ads Extensions

Google rolls out enhancements to make your users have an easier time finding you.  From call extensions to messaging extensions, we're on top of the latest Google roll-outs and will help you with the logistics of implementing these extensions.  Whose going to answer text messages from Google search?  How many phone calls came from your Google Ads?  We've got the answers to these and other questions when it comes to Ads extensions.


The Landing Page Experience

Landing pages are where your visitors end up after clicking on your ad.  If you are running multiple ads for different products and services, your campaign will do better if every ad group drives traffic to a landing page specifically designed for that page.  Maximize your conversion rates and lower your click costs with landing pages that have the right messaging, imagery and CTA (call to action) so that these paid search users convert into a lead or sale.

Bringing People Back With Remarketing Ads

If that customer decides to take some time to make a decision, that's no problem.  We can serve ads to people who click on your ads as they surf other websites, thanks to the Google Display Network.  Marketing Discovery will identify if this is the right move for you.


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