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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

A good PPC company monitors about your campaigns daily. They go beyond PPC optimization and work on the page that you’re sending traffic to. They actually know the consumer and know what your competition is doing at all times. There are basic optimization principles that the PPC Company will follow but no two businesses are the same and experience brings results.

Beyond PPC Optimization

Conversion optimization is a major component of a successful PPC campaign. Beyond account structure, negative keywords, effective ads, knowing how to get a page to convert can make or break a PPC campaign. With a team of designers and usability experts, we offer a holistic approach and get results for our clients.

Our PPC Management Process

Our process is the same for new and existing PPC accounts. We’ll study the competition, research the keywords, implement and optimize. If you have accounts you’ve been running, we’ll spend a few days finding out what’s worked for you and what’s not worked for you. We’ll definitely leverage your data to make educated decisions moving forward. If you don’t have an account and you’ve never advertised, we’ll use tools to find out what’s been working in the market and use our expertise to develop campaigns built to produce a return on your investment (ROI).

Do Your Research

Before you select a company to manage your Google Adwords PPC campaign, do some research on the practices and processes that they use. There are  providers out there that engage in “black hat” techniques that may achieve short term gains, but with long term losses that could hurt your business. Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines do not look favorably on websites that engage in these types of techniques, and using these techniques could result in your website being banned, or ranking well below you want to be ranked in search results.

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