Facebook & Social Media Advertising For Toronto Businesses

Promote Your Products & Services With Specific Demographic And Interest Targeting To Maximize Your Marketing Return On Investment

Looking to get in front of your customers on social networks?  Our digital marketing agency will help you identify which social media channels are right for your business, setup and execute a marketing campaign that’s right for your ad budget.  
We have a full service social media marketing team ready to start today!

Grow Your Brand’s Online Presence & Generate Leads With Social Media Advertising

Whether you’re interested in getting your brand in front of your customers and followers on social media, generating sales and leads with a social media lead generation campaign, or a combination of the two, we can develop and execute a social media marketing strategy that’s customized to your business objectives.

Our Marketing Agency’s Approach To Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.  Half of the battle is setting up a process and defining what you want to talk about on social media.  We begin every project by mapping out who you’re looking to engage with and then establishing what type of content your target audience is looking for, and will respond to. 

The Right Social Media Channel(s) For Your Business.

With so many options available to business, it can be overwhelming posting your content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social media channels out there.  Rather than spread yourself thin, we believe in choosing the right channel(s) and doing a great job with consistent, good content, rather than an average effort just to be seen everywhere.  Defining who your customer is paramount here as it helps us target the right social media channels.

Preparing & Executing On Social Media

Our clients are highly engaged with their social media project manager.  It takes regular communication to ensure the messaging, imagery and content we’re putting together accurately represents the businesses we promote on Facebook.  We are always a quick phone call away and are conveniently located in Toronto.  No time zones or waiting days on end for a reply to your question.

Engaging Content

Posting content for the sake of posting isn’t enough to rise above the noise on social media.  You need to be unique if you want people to stop scrolling through their feeds to see your message.  Social media videos are in for 2018.  Got video?

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing methods available to your business.  With the ability to specifically target the type of person(s) you’re looking to interact with, you have the capability to really control where your advertising dollars are going, and control your marketing return on investment.

We can target people of a specific demographic, location, age group and interest.  Machine-learning presents even greater opportunities for you to take who is already interacting with you online and extrapolating who else is similar.  We call them look-a-like audiences.  Of course, we’re here to take care of the technical details and spare you the technical lingo.  There are always those that are interested in learning the intricacies of how we do social, to those we say come by our studio and we’ll fire up the coffee maker and explain everything we’re doing.

Whether you’re looking to create engaging content on a regular basis, or promote your business with targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram or another social media channel, contact us today and we’ll  help you win on the web with social media.

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