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Measuring performance is crucial for business. How is your strategy performing?

Website Performance & Analytics Management

Measuring your digital marketing ROI

Is your site attracting visitors? Where are these visitors coming from? How many pages are these visitors browsing? Which pages? For how long? The questions you may be asking about your website are endless, but important to get a sense of Return on Investment from Internet Marketing.

Our websites are fully integrated with Web Analytics. We provide weekly and monthly reports, describing how your website is performing.  As you launch promotions, sales, make changes, tweak your paid search marketing campaigns, change your website content, you can see how all of these changes are impacting your Internet Marketing strategy. With these results, you can make informed, educated decisions on your Internet strategy.

Website Analytics Reports show you:

Behavior of prospects
Which search engine did your prospect use to reach your website? What keywords did they type in to find you? What is your prospects navigation pattern on your website? Did they stay or leave right away after they did not find what they were looking for at a quick glance?

Measuring activity
Track the number of hits on each page of your site. Track how many pages are being viewed by each visitor. Who left after just seeing your homepage? How much time is the average visitor spending on your site? All of this information is vital to adjusting and improving your website. Without this information, you will never find the perfect mix for your Internet Marketing strategy.

Where your traffic is coming from
What search engines are users using most to visit your website? Direct traffic? A special print or television advertising campaign? Social media sources such as Youtube, Facebook, Digg? Where in the world is your visitor located?

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Did you know?

Website Analytics Reports can help you understand how people are behaving on your website? Identifying at what point visitors leave your website can help resolve problems preventing you from achieving your potential.

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