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3 Items to Consider Before Starting With Facebook Ads

If you’re considering running a Facebook ad campaign for your business, I want to share three key items you need to consider before you start doing that.

The first thing is establishing some measurable goals. What I mean measurable is rather than saying, okay, I want to get more people to come to my website or wanting to get more people to buy my product, think about how you can measure those goals and say things like, I want my online sales increased by 10% within the next three months. Or I want the traffic to my website or my blog to increase by X percent by, by a certain date. You want to have a number and a time period for when you want to achieve that number. That’s called a smart goal. Put some thought into what that goal needs to be so you can actually have a baseline or benchmark to measure against when you’re trying to figure out if this was even worth your effort.

Once you’ve done that, the next thing you want to look at is building or planning at least the funnel. The funnel is the steps that the person that you’re marketing to are going to take. It could be anything from, for example, they click on your ad on, on Facebook. They get to a landing page on your website where they, you know, submit their email address, download a piece of content. A couple of days later, you market another offer, another service to them, and they click on that. And then from there somebody on your sales team gets a lead and they follow up with them to close a sale. So that’s a high level overview of what a funnel could be. You want to define what the steps are and what the assets are. Do you need a landing page?

Do you need a downloadable asset, a PDF and assets, something that you can offer them. You know, we’re the landing pages that they’re going to hit on your website as part of that journey or that funnel. Think about the funnel that you want people to go through when they’re interacting with that ad that you’re putting on Facebook in the first place. And the third item I want you to consider is reporting, right? How are you going to track how well your ad campaign is doing? You need to figure out a way to identify who on your team is going to be monitoring these reports. What are the key indicators that you want to consider, right? Like are you monitoring your impressions? Are you monitoring your return on your ad spend? Is a lot of different metrics that go that are, that social media channels make available to you.

You want to make sure you identify what metrics are important to you and who on your team is going to be responding and reviewing these metrics and then have a plan in place to figure out what you’re going to do. You know, when you’re reviewing these and what your action items are going to be to, to deal with different types of things that you see in your performance reports. You know, just a quick recap, recap, defined some clear goals, figure out what your funnel is going to be like, and make sure you understand how you’re going to be handling the reporting side and performance management of your ad campaign. I hope you found these tapes valuable. If you’ve got any questions on getting started with a Facebook ad campaign, feel free to drop a comment below.