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Internet users are impatient beings that rely on information and referrals to be served up to them on a platter by a search engines. Understand how your customers are using search and ensure you’re visible where they’re looking.

Not showing up high enough (or at all) for search terms you know your customers are searching on google?

We use specialized tools to see what search terms your customers and prospects are using when they’re seeking out a product or service. We combine that knowledge with carefully-crafted customer profiles of your ideal clients. This allows us to adjust our content and on-page SEO strategy to ensure your content and website work together to get Google’s attention, which will grab your customer’s attention.

How We Do Search

Understand the User

Your target market uses a specific methodology when they use search engines to find businesses like yours. We take the time to understand that methodology to ensure the keywords and context we are targeting will attract relevant people to the site.

Do the Research

Our tools give us amazing insight into how your customers are using search engines when they’re looking for you. We take into account their intentions, context, amount of effort or difficulty to rank for a search term and potential ROI when we’re putting together a search strategy specifically designed for you and your business.

The Right Approach

There are many ways to build awareness and credibility with search engines. As with everything else, each method has it’s pros and cons… we’ll review the best method. Some of the more common methods include optimizing your site content and images, content marketing (on and off your site), guest blogging and partnering with other sites to build inbound links. We’ll figure out the best approach so you have the chance to put your best foot forward.

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