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CRM Ccentralhub

As your organization grows, communicating with clients and prospects can be a challenge.

Our marketing CRM tool empowers your sales team with automated solutions that deliver personalized communication throughout the customer journey.
The best part is it’s all in one easy-to-access central hub, so you can keep a track of everything and every lead in real-time.

Automate Your Messaging

Send personalized messages to your contacts as they move through your sales funnel.

Text Messages
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger
CRM Schedule Meetings

Schedule Meetings Like a Boss

Send your contacts a link to schedule meetings with you. Set your availability schedule and avoid meeting conflicts by integrating with your personal calendar.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Track where individual customers are in your sales process to make it easy for the entire team to stay informed. Send automatic emails to clients. Alert team members when they need to intervene.

Sales Pipeline
CRM Autoemails

Nurture leads automatically

Revive relationships with automatic emails, sent to prospects when they become unresponsive. You can even personalize the message they receive, based on what product/service they were interested in. Get back in touch with past clients by asking for referrals.

Recover Lost Sales Opportunities

Reach out to customers who didn’t complete their purchase with an incentive encourage them to come back and complete their purchase. On average, 10% of abandoned orders are recovered with this technique.

Build Loyalty and Trust

Reach out to clients after the sale. See how they’re doing. Offer suggestions to help them get the most out of your products and services.

Share valuable insights, tips and other meaningful information and show them you care. Send them a Happy Birthday email, or Happy Anniversary email to strengthen your relationship.

Happy Birthday

Get More Reviews

Reach out to customers with a friendly request for a review. Show them you’re listening and respond to reviews directly from the CRM.

Reviews are a major driver for new business. Establish credibility instantly with a high volume of positive reviews from like-minded individuals.

Cha With Website Visitors

Chat with website visitors

Engage with your website’s visitors in real-time with our live chat widget. Integrating seamlessly with your website, live chat connects you to chat with your site’s visitors and convert them into buying customers.

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