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3 Reasons Why Every Home Builder Needs a Website

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If you’re a home builder without a website, then you’re seriously losing out. Read on to learn why every home builder needs a website.

A whopping 85% of consumers today find their local businesses through the internet. Are you okay with reaching just 15% of your potential clients?

Likely, the answer is no. In 2018, you need an online presence to keep up with the ways consumers search for what they need. A website is the first step to creating that online presence for your home builder business.

On your site, you can showcase your newest house designs. You can also show how you rank among the top home builders. With the help of search engine optimization, eventually, you may even become one of the top home builders online.

Keep reading to learn more about why every home builder needs a website in 2018!

Stay On Their Minds

It might be hard to believe, but consumers today spend five hours per day with their faces buried in their smartphones.

Much of that time is during nighttime hours, while consumers are decompressing after a long day at work or taking care of personal business. That sometimes means setting appointments, purchasing goods, and researching local businesses.

Having a website means you never have to turn off your “open” sign. While you might not be physically available for your customers after 5 PM, your website can provide crucial information and answer questions while you’re off-duty.

This is a great way to stay ahead of your competition. If they can’t find answers about your services during their downtime, they’ll likely head over to your competition’s site, who can provide what they need.

Build Your Customer Base

The average consumer spends 23.6 hours on the internet per week. Having a website opens the door to the possibility of building your customer base 24/7.

This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. If you optimize your website to appear higher in Google rankings, you’ll consistently get more traffic to your site. That’s traffic that’ll convert into customers if you put the right sales funnels into place.

Paired with local SEO, your site will be unstoppable. Local SEO includes methods for getting your business noticed by the exact local customers you’re trying to attract.

Show You’re a Modern Home Builder

Here’s the reality of websites: consumers judge a company based on them. If your site is outdated and unappealing, they’re not going to believe you’re a cutting-edge company. Your website might not really be representative of the work you do, but that’s the connection consumers make.

There are tons of website design trends out there which consumers love. Parallax scrolling, bold colours, and video backgrounds are just a few. Show you’re on the top of your game by incorporating a hot trend into your website design.

Your New Website

Now that you’ve read up on the most essential reasons your home builder company needs a new website, you’re armed and ready to hit the internet with a bang!

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