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5 Essential Elements for a Successful Landing Page

5 Essential Elements for a Successful Landing Page

Today, I want to talk to you about 5 things you can do with your landing pages to make them more successful and convert those visitors into leads or sales for your business.

The Heading or Title

The first thing you want to look at is your heading.  What is the heading on your page? Is it something that is going to capture the attention of the person that you’re drawing to that landing page? Does it give them an answer to a problem that they’re trying to solve in their day to day life? Look at that heading and make sure its got the right words to speak to that person that you’re drawing to your site.

The Subheading

Next, I want you to look at the subheading.  That’s where you become more descriptive yet more concise with your marketing message.  Tell people a little bit more about what you’re about but don’t go too far into it because you want to keep the message concise as space is limited.

The Form

The next element you want to look at is the form.  That’s the place people will be putting in all of their details, such as their name, their email address, their phone number.  Everything you need, all of the goodies so that you can get in touch with them and make the sale.  Make that form as short as possible so that you’re only getting the key details you need and worry about getting the other details later when you’re on the phone or exchanging emails with that lead.

The Offer

After that, look at the value proposition.  What is the benefit you’re offering to these prospects that are coming to your page? Is it better than what your competitors are doing? Look into that and make sure you’re providing a good value for people to exchange their email address or phone number with you.

The Call to Action (or button, next step, etc…)

And the last thing you want to look at is the Call to Action.  Don’t be boring and use something like “submit” at the bottom of that form.  Use action words like “Call now” or “Click here to start saving money now”; something to appeal to the burning desire in that persons heart that brought them to your page in the first place.  Get a good action word in there and get those people to convert. Put these tips into action and i’m sure your landing page will convert more people the day after you do this.

I’m Sandeep and this is your Digital Marketing Moment for this week.  We love helping business owners like you win on the web.