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5 Things to Have in Place Before You Start Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Avoid wasting money (and potentially pissing off your customers) on a Facebook Ad campaign until you have these 5 items in place.

Hey, how’s it going? I wanna chat a little bit about five important things you need to get in place if you’re trying to get a Facebook Ad campaign and want to actually make some money or do some good with that ad campaign.

Before I get into that, I just want to share a bit of a conversation I have with a prospect a couple of days ago. I meet with this prospect and you’re telling me about how they’re running a Facebook ads campaign.

They just can’t figure out why it’s not working. I ask them, what did you do? Well, you know, we set up this Facebook ad campaign. We’ve made this beautiful banner, got some text on there and, we ask people to click on it and then they ended up on our website.What happened next? Well, nothing. So I asked, well, what’s the customer going to do? Well, you know, they can go there a website, they can fill out a form on the contact us page. They can learn about our products and hopefully they’ll look at our number in the top right corner and give us a call. That right there is how you don’t want to run a Facebook ad campaign or any kind of advertising campaign for that matter.

Here’s five things I want you to make sure you have in place before you set up and launch that Facebook ad campaign.

Number one, engaging and interesting copy.

That’s the text, the wording that people are going to see on your ad and anywhere also going to go through on their online journey, whether it’s your website and landing pages, whatever it may be, hire a professional writer to write your content for you because let’s face it.We’re not all great writers out there. Get someone that’s talented at that craft. Take that part of the challenge because it’s one of the most important things people are going to see they’re going to read, right?

Qualify Your Leads

Number two, qualify the people before you actually ask them to do something. By qualify, I mean to weed out the tire kickers, right? For the most part, even though you’re able to target based on demos or interest or many other characteristics on Facebook, you’re not able to figure out how much somebody is willing to spend for your product, how much they think is a good value for that product. Right? So maybe ask a question about what their budget’s like, and if you want to go a step further, give them a couple of choices so that they know well, if they don’t see something in their budget, you’re not a good fit for them and they’ll just move on. That’ll give you a smaller set of leads, but hopefully a higher quality set, because the people that are coming through can afford what you’re selling.

Get a Funnel (Customer Journey) Built

Number three, get that funnel into place. By funnel, what is the process? What is the flow? What is the journey that you want people to take? They’re going to click on that ad. They’re going to hit a landing page on your website possibly. Maybe there’s a form for them to fill out, to download some awesome piece of content or sign up for a webinar. Maybe there’s a promo that they can use a buyer product on your eCommerce website. Maybe there’s an email marketing chain or drip campaign that you want them to go through, whatever it is, make sure that that campaign and a funnel is fully built out and you’ve got your reporting integrated in it so that you are not sending somebody into some black hole, hoping for the best.

Research your Audience – Market Research

Number four: research your audience. Do some market research and figure out what makes your audience or your customer base tick. What are they looking for? What are they going to respond to? What kind of challenges are they having that are going to make them want to buy your products or services from them? The more you know about your customer, the better your copy is going to be and the better of your funnel is going to be, and the more leads you’re going to be able to generate from your ad campaign.

Get a Sales Team in Place

Number five. The most overlooked item is get a sales team in place, right? There’s nothing worse you can do then getting all of these people to become leads for your business and then you just drop the ball because you don’t have the bandwidth or the processes in place to respond to all of these leads, to turn these prospects into actual customers.

Not only are you going to frustrate your accounting department, when they realize how much money they spent to get zero business out of it, more importantly, you’re going to do a great job at ruining the reputation of your business.

Customers are going to be like, well, I did all this work. I filled out this form or, you know, I did something and where’s my stuff, right? Where’s my email. Why didn’t anyone call me? That’s going to make your business look really bad because you’re unresponsive online. So make sure you’ve got a process in place.

Let’s Recap the five items to meet, to get into place for a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Number one, engaging and interesting copy, hire a writer.

Number two, qualify your leads. Make sure you’re able to weed out the people that just are not a good fit for your business.

Number three, get that funnel and get that customer journey in place from start to finish.

Number four, do some research on your customer and your prospects and make sure you know what they need. And you know, what makes them tick.

Number five, get a sales team or some processes in place to manage all of these leads that are coming through.

If you want to chat a little bit more about some challenges you might be having with your Facebook or social media ad campaign, feel free to drop a comment below. I’d love to chat, take care, stay healthy, and we’ll talk to you soon.