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A Poor Subject Line Will Ruin The Best Email Campaign

Stop investing all of your time in crafting the perfect marketing emails and dropping the ball by spending 10 seconds on the subject line!

I want to share one tip that’s going to help get more people to open your marketing and sales emails that you’re sending out.

When I talk to teams that are writing emails, one common thread I notice is they spend so much time making the email look beautiful, making the content and the copy in the email perfect, sourcing images, sourcing materials, and really just putting in all this effort in building that marketing email and the subject line is like an afterthought.

The Subject Line is Crucial to Your Campaign’s Success

They literally will spend three hours or three days working on putting together this awesome email and then when it comes time to send, they’ll spend 10-30 seconds thinking about a subject line. You’ve invested all this effort and time into writing this awesome email, if your subject line is lame or boring, or doesn’t resonate with who you’re sending it to, guess what? No one’s going to even get a chance to see the awesome content that you’ve put together in that email.

Two Approaches to the Subject Line

Let me just preface this by saying there’s more than just these 2 approaches you can use.

Pique their Curiosity

Number one, use an element of curiosity. In your subject line, ask a question or state something that’s going to get people’s brains spinning and fill up with suspense and want to open up that email that you’re writing about.

Let’s say you’re writing about some new trend in shelving in the manufacturing world. Rather than just writing a subject line like “New Aluminum Shelves now Available for Warehouses”, you could write something a little bit more curiosity-inciting like, “Learn About the Latest Trend That’s Turned the Warehousing Industry Upside Down”.

You’re not even specifically mentioning the exact topic of your article, which is the shelving, but you’re touching on that subject.

More importantly, you’ve said something that’s going to make people think like, “Whoa, what is going on in manufacturing?” I have to open this email and find out about it. By using curiosity and building up some suspense with people, you can really get them to follow through and open up your emails. You want to make sure after you do this, your email actually has some valuable content in it that’s going to be interesting for people because if you do this two or three times and your emails are lame, people are going to unsubscribe and forget all about you and it’s going to be a challenge to get them to come back on your list.

Add a Little Negative Spin

Another idea: you can use is a little negative spin when it comes to that subject line. Using that same example again, you could write a subject line like “Four Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Designing Your Next Warehouse”.

Right away, there is some negative in that subject line, but you’re showing people that you’re going to help them avoid a negative consequence or a negative outcome if they just open your email and read what’s inside it.

You always want to make sure that the message inside your email is valuable and interesting and relevant to who you’re talking to. I hope these two suggestions on how to put together a subject line are helpful and help you boost your open rates and get more people to engage with your emails.

If you need some help putting together some creative subject lines or engaging content for your email marketing newsletters, feel free to drop a comment below. I’d love to chat and learn a little bit more about your business. Have a great day and stay safe everyone.