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Are you a Service Provider – Essential Tips As the Economy Reopens

With all this stuff that’s changing right now with businesses being allowed to open up or being allowed to open up in a certain partial manner. If you have a service type of business, you need to inform your customers on what’s going on and how your business is operating at the moment.

With all of this information being released from various sources, there’s definitely some people out there that are unclear whether a business is open or not, or whether it’s choosing to open or not.

If you’re a service-based business that’s going to a customer or business’s location, you need to inform that customer what measures you’re taking doing to protect them, in light of COVID-19.

What kind of PPE are you using?

What kind of protocols are your team members using?

What kind of changes your customer could expect in terms of how you’re delivering the service or what that service actually is.

Will you be delivering that service differently?

Is what they can expect going to be the same as before, or is that going to change, due to limits that you have to operate within?

How should the client prepare for your visit?

Beyond that you should also consider sharing what you’re doing to expect or require from the customer to ensure the safety of your when they get to the job.

Is there anything that you need to do as a customer to help your staff do better, or for your staff to be safe, whether you need to leave the premises, whether you need to vacate the premises, sanitize something, whatever it is.

Let Your Customers Know What to Expect

It’s super important that if you’re in the services space, you let your clients and your customers know what they can expect and what you expect. If you want to do business together, now, this is especially important. How’s Your Availability?

One last thing I want to touch on is availability. If you are the type of business that takes bookings or schedules your services, inform potential customers what your availability schedule looks like. Are you booking next day? Or are you backed up and booking three weeks or three months out, because of staffing or supply challenges.

Use Your Website and Google My Business

If you are a service business, inform your customers on these items and use both your website and Google My Business as a place to post this information. Keep this information up to date so when customers are either going to Google to look for a service provider such as yourself, or whether they go to Google maps to find a service provider such as yourself, they have the information they need at their fingertips, and you avoid the risk of them finding that information better presented, at a competitor’s website, potentially losing a sale with that customer.

Need Help? We’re here to Help!

If you have any questions on how you can execute any of these items or what you need to do to better improve your client customer experience online, feel free to drop a comment below. I’d love to chat about it some more. Take care and be safe!