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Build Credibility, Authority & Awareness With Great Content

Let’s talk about how you can use content marketing to build up your authority as a leader in your industry, as well as build up your awareness online. Let’s jump right in.

Who Do People Trust?

People out there rely on leaders. When they’re looking for something, that’s where their searches will begin. Leaders are usually people with all of the answers and most of the experience in a space. If you can demonstrate you’ve got all the information and experience, boom! You’ve instantly built up some trust.

How People Find Trustworthy Organizations

Typically, people will go to Google when they’re looking for a product or a service. Search is one of the key areas you can use to build up awareness for your brand.

Google tends to rank people or rather brands that are doing well online, higher based on how people are interacting with their content. The other side of that is when someone sees you ranking highly on Google, they instantly trust you a little bit more because the thought process is, well, if Google is ranking them highly, they must know what they’re talking about, let’s check them out.

An Example You Can Relate To

Let’s go look at a quick example on how you use content marketing how I’m trying to describe it. Let’s say you have a shoe store. You’ve got to understand what people are looking for. A lot of people search for shoe sizing charts, right? They’re trying to figure out what size is best for them.

A shoe sizing chart is a good place to start. If you can get an awesome shoe sizing chart or some kind of tool onto your website and rank well on Google, not only are you going to be attracting people to use your tool, but when they arrive at your website, they’re going to be like, oh!

Well, there’s a lot of shoes here to buy and you’ll have an opportunity to convert that person that was actually just looking for a tool to actually buy a product that aligns with the tool that you provided and the information that they were looking to learn.

How to Apply This For Your Business

To apply this in your business, put some thought into what kind of questions your target audience is typically asking, and then see what kind of content you can put together to deliver an amazing answer, for that client.

Do Better than What’s Out There

Now I’m sure a lot of you were thinking most of these questions have already been answered, but there’s always a way to present information better, to be more relevant and have more updated information for users so that you can climb up the rankings on Google and get in front of more people that are looking for your product or service.

If you need some help, figuring out what type of content you can create for your target audience, drop a comment below. I’d love to chat about it. Talk to you soon, stay healthy, everybody.