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Choosing the Right Keywords to Optimize Web Content Marketing

Avoid these common mistakes when you’re researching which keywords you want to optimize your website and content marketing.

If you’re trying to figure out or are planning to figure out what kind of keywords you want to optimize your website for, this post is for you.

Quite often, when I sit down with clients or marketers, I find that keywords and keyword research are an area where they’re not always using the right approach with regards to selection and we typically have to steer them back towards a course that’s going to create some type of ROI for their business.

Let’s talk about that and what you can do to avoid this kind of mistake going forward.

Most of the people I meet will fail to take into account their target market and their user intent when they’re typing in a certain keyword. Different types of people have different ways or different thought processes when they’re trying to figure out what to type into Google to find something.

Example of Keyword Research and Intent

Let’s look at a quick example. Let’s say you have a security company that provides guards for commercial buildings, malls, etc… You might think it’s good to target “commercial security”. It’s a bit vague, and what you could find is, the people that are searching for “commercial security” might really be looking for more of an entry-level solution, like an alarm system or alarm panel, some type of monitoring, or security devices. They may not be looking for actual people or security guards. A better keyword to optimize for would be “commercial security guards” or “mall security guards”, “security personnel”; something that’s a bit more specific that’s going to align with what your target market or target user is typing into Google when they’re trying to find a business like yours.

Execute This For Your Business

The next time you sit down to think about keywords you want to optimize for, stay aware and pay attention to the customer or the type of person you’re trying to market to, and try to imagine the different types of keywords that this specific person would type in, when they’re looking for a company like yours, or a product/service that you sell.

Go one step further, type in that keyword you think they would use to see if you’re seeing the type of websites that you’re competing with, that you want to show up alongside. Are there products and services similar to yours?  Are you in the right place or are you wasting time competing for users that it turns out, aren’t necessarily typing this into Google?

Chances are that you can piggyback or leverage some of the mistakes or strategies your competitors have taken so that you don’t make these mistakes again and you’re able to keep that positive ROI for your SEO or Google Ads campaign right off the bat.

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