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Convey Leadership and Expertise with your Video Blog

Today, I want to talk to you about a benefit of video blogging that’s not SEO.

Typically, most people will mention SEO or search when they’re talking about the benefits of video blogging, without mentioning much else.

More than just SEO

I want to talk about authority or being a thought leader in your space.  Imagine you’re looking for someone that’s going to provide a service for your company or your personal household.  You’ve got to go through a plethora of search results and in some cases, there could be hundreds of companies that are competing for your business.

So how do you go about choosing the right company for you? You could spend a few minutes going through each website, chances are you’d run out of time and end up getting frustrated with the amount of information you have to go through.  One of the benefits of the Internet and the vast amount of information you have access to is also it’s downfall – the time it takes to go thru it all.

One of the things people instinctively tend to do is look for experts or people that know what they’re talking about when they’re looking for a service provider.  Let’s look at an example.

Comparing 2 Service Providers

Let’s say you’re looking for a lawyer and you’ve narrowed it down to two.  The first lawyer’s got a great website, with the content you expect to see, talking about the different types of services they provide.  Let’s look at lawyer #2.  Great website, similar number of pages on their website and they cover the services that you require.  Taking a closer look we see that this lawyer publishes a series of Youtube videos every week talking about different topics in the legal space, writes in a magazine in a legal column and even sits in a few committees in your local Chamber of Commerce that deal with legality.

Now look at these 2 lawyers, again thru an objective lens.  You don’t know either of these 2 people, but one has a clear demonstrated ability and presence in the community showing they know what they’re talking about, whether it’s thru the involvement in the community or thru the extensive amount of material they’re putting out of free information.  Before you even call or visit this lawyer, you have a sense of their personality and character, how they speak.  You’ve practically already met!


Now chances are, you’re more likely to gravitate toward this person, and this is one of the benefits I wanted to convey to you about video blogging.  It’s your opportunity to demonstrate to the world that you know a lot about whatever it is that you’re selling.  You do have to know a lot about what you’re doing in order to create these videos, but chances are if you’re good at what you do then this should be no problem.

I encourage you to look at video blogging through the lens of being an authority or leader in your industry and not just as a means to get your website to rank higher on Google.  I’m Sandeep and that was your Digital Marketing Moment for this week.