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Customers not buying online? Here’s 3 things you can check right now!

Customers not buying online? Here's 3 things you can check right now

There are many reasons why your online store or website might not be converting visitors.  Here’s 3 easy things you can check right now.

Today I want to talk to you about a couple of reasons why people might be coming to your website and leaving without becoming a customer, or engaging with your brand.

Product Messaging

The first is your products & services.  When you’re promoting your products & services on other channels like Facebook or Google Search, you’re describing them in a certain way.  The way you’re describing or promoting them should line up with how you’re talking about your products and services on your website.  Take a look at the messaging you have on different channels and your website, and make sure it lines up so that the benefits you’re conveying to people on one channel line up with what you’re saying on your website about the same products and services.

Vibe – Imagery, Text and Layout

The next thing you want to look at is the vibe.  That’s the text and images on your website.  How do they flow? Are your images too big; do you have too much text? Look at the layout of your website and it just might be a simple matter of relocating some items to make everything just line up better and look better on your website.

Flow – Is it Intuitive?

The third thing you want to look at is the flow.  How does a user flow or travel through  your website? Is it easy? Is your website intuitive? Is it easy for people to find where to go, or find that next step in their journey when they’re looking for an answer to the problem they initially came to your website in the first place.  Have some people outside of your organization look at your website and get some feedback to see what they think about the flow, and whether it’s intuitive or not.  Look for opportunities to improve the flow and you’ll be sure to improve your conversion rates on your website.  I’m Sandeep with this week’s Digital Marketing Moment.