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Email Marketing is Still Awesome!

Are you using email marketing to its potential? If not, you’re most likely missing out on some huge opportunities!

Let’s talk about why email could still be one of the best ways for you to reach your customers.

Email marketing still has the greatest potential reach out there. Depending on the size of your email list, it could be a huge asset that you can leverage to market your business. I want to talk about 5 reasons, or 5 ways that email is more valuable than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media channels because they’re getting all of the attention nowadays.

Let’s talk about how Email Marketing can still be a power player in your marketing toolchest.


3.8 billion people are using email today. That’s not a small number.


Email marketing gives you a greater ability to create customized campaigns that are based on the interactions of your customers, or your potential customers. When you’re using Marketing Automation tools, you can create campaigns that are based on the type of contacts, whether they’re a warm lead, cold lead, or how they’ve interacted with you. Did they open your email? Did they click a link in the email? Visit a page on your website, etc…

This gives you greater abilities to really personalize and target your marketing message with even less effort if you’re taking advantage of marketing automation tools like Active Campaign.


When you follow a brand on Facebook or Instagram, you’re hitting the follow button and you get to see their updates. But when you subscribe to an email campaign, you’re really giving people, or businesses the chance or permission to contact you, and that’s something people don’t give out very easily. So they’re more likely to be engaged with you because they asked to get the information.


I know Analytics is getting better for social media, but it still doesn’t match email yet. Almost every email marketing tool lets you know who is opening your email, what they’re doing with them, which links they’re clicking on and potentially what they’re doing on your website after seeing that email. That includes what pages they’re going to, all great data.

Get Personal

No matter what people say about email being dead, it’s still where your potential clients are communicating most often and consistently. It’s easy to skip Instagram or Facebook one day when you get busy, but email not so much. The average person in North America is checking their email as much as 80 times per day.

You can Start Simple and Grow

Email marketing doesn’t have to be this complicated, expensive or scary thing. There’s tools like MailChimp, Active Campaign and Constant Contact that are growing every day in terms of capability, and they’re becoming more and more user-friendly so it’s not that challenging to get set

up. Don’t turn your back on email marketing yet, it could be the best tool in your marketing arsenal that you’ve potentially not used to its limit.