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Free Email Marketing Now Available For Your Shopify Online Store

If you have an eCommerce store and have been looking to start using email marketing to boost sales, here’s an opportunity! Shopify store owners can use Shopify Email for free til October 1st.

If you’re selling online using Shopify, then Shopify has some great news for you. Shopify just rolled out Shopify Email for free across their platform for everyone that’s using Shopify right now for their online store. This is great for if you’re looking to get into some email marketing.

What is Shopify Email

What Shopify Email will let you do is create email marketing campaigns natively within Shopify’s marketing toolkit. You’ll be able to customize your emails, embed your products in your email campaigns, and it’s a solution that’s going to integrate very well with Shopify.

Shopify Email Reporting

They’ve even covered reporting through their Analytics portal. You can get data such as your open rates and your click-thru rates to see how your email campaigns are performing.

Shopify Email Free Until October 1st

You have to remember that this free service is only offered until October 1st. After October 1st, I believe they’re going to be limiting Shopify stores to 2,500 free emails per month after which you’ll have to pay a fee to send out more emails using their platform.

Not a Substitute for Marketing Automation

I want to emphasize that this is not a substitute for marketing automation. It doesn’t offer some of the complex capabilities that you can leverage when you’re using an automation platform such as Active Campaign, for example.

It’s definitely great for those businesses that are in the eCommerce space, looking to get their feet wet with some email marketing. I encourage you all to check it out today. Visit your Shopify admin portal and enable Shopify Email.

Hope you have some good luck with it. If you have any questions on how to get an email marketing campaign set up within Shopify for your online store, feel free to drop a comment below.