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Google Guaranteed Badge For Your Google My Business Listing

Elevate your credibility and trust on Google My Business with Google’s “Guaranteed” badge.

Let’s talk about Google’s new Guaranteed badge, what it means and how you can use it to help build and reinforce the credibility of your business.

Google just launched what they’re calling the Google Guaranteed badge. When your Google My Business listing is viewed, if you qualify for Google Guaranteed badge, they’ll put a little badge beside search results that are linking to your website.

The goal of this is to reassure users that are using Google Search, that you are a legitimate viable, proper business.

Build that Credibility and Trust

Not just anyone can get that badge. There are a certain set of eligibility rules that you need to qualify and meet. You may need to go through a background check and also go through a licensing check as part of the application process before Google displays the Google Guaranteed Badge in search results.

Stand Apart from Competitors

This is an excellent way for your business to stand apart from competitors or other companies that are doing similar things to you that are simply not at the quality level that you operate at, and build trust and credibility when people are comparing your business to a few other businesses that they’re seeing on Google, they’re looking for a company like yours.

There is a Cost for this Badge

One thing you want to note is that there is a cost for this badge. Google is reportedly going to be charging $50 per month for you to be able to use that badge in search results.

If you need some more information or need some help getting your Google badge application going and getting your badge displayed on search results, feel free to drop a comment below. I’d love to chat and help you out. Stay safe and have a great day.