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Google Planning on Showing a Badge Beside Slow Websites

Google is expected to roll out a series of warnings for users when they’re about to load a slow website!

Got a slow website? Google is thinking about telling your customers all about it!Example of the page speed warning

Sometime last week, Google put some news out saying they’re considering displaying a badge next to websites that load slowly when they’re displaying listings on search results to continue giving their customers which are people using the search engine the best experience possible. Google believes website visitors expect a fast-loading website, so they want them to know that the site that they’re about to hit might be slow.

Another incentive or a reason that they’re trying to do this is to encourage owners of websites to improve their websites.  Google has and continues to roll out changes to encourage us all to be the best we can be and follow best practices.

The primary goal of Google Search is to help people connect with the sites that they want to connect with while delivering the best experience possible.

So look out for this new badge coming out. If you want to check how your website performs, Google’s got a great PageSpeed Insights tool available on their website.  I encourage you to check it out and make sure you’re on top of this because you don’t want that badge saying your website’s slow on search results.