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Has your Marketing Adjusted to the 3 Major Changes in Expectations?

Understanding customer expectations is a key element in effectively communicating with and marketing to your stakeholders

Hi, today I’m going to talk a little bit about some of the expectations of your customers that have probably changed in 2020 now, before we jump into what those expectations are, I want to talk about why it’s important as a marketer, as a business owner, to be aware of something like this, whenever you’re communicating with your clients or your customers or prospects, whoever through marketing, your communication is going to need to understand what your customers expect, not just from your products or services, but also from life in general or from a broad perspective or a fundamental level based on their psychology.

These kinds of expectations change the way your business communicates or does business may require to change and adapt so that you continue to be seen as that positive and understanding business that people and other businesses want to work with.

There’s no Universal Strategy

All right, now how you’re going to respond to these changes and expectations is going to be different for every kind of business. I’m not going to jump into that. That’s something you’ll need to think about with your teams or your marketing teams internally.


Let’s jump right in. Number one is the Corona virus or COVID-19 customer’s expectations are, people’s rather expectations around fear of illness around job security having anxiety on the era, around all the uncertainty that’s happening and, you know, just being away from their friends and family for an extended period of time has changed how people view the world and what they expect from their surroundings.

George Floyd

The second one is the killing of George Floyd. This has sparked a huge global debate around ex expectations around equality or racism or police brutality and a number of other items in a related to that incident.

It’s important to factor that in because people are thinking differently after, and they’re, you know, they’re processing all this information and really learning a lot about themselves and the people around them.

Shipping Times are Higher than Usual

The third one is shipping. Now recently, you know, the big shipping companies Canada post USBs ups, they’re all encountering larger delays when it comes to fulfilling the deliveries of online products and that’s probably due to staff shortages and just a huge increase in demand on the shipping infrastructure, thanks to the growth in online shopping. So people are, are, you know, we’re expecting same day or next day delivery, but now they have to adjust to waiting a couple of more days, weeks, or even weeks, depending on the product that they’re looking for.

Be Aware of These Changes

These three things are among the more major changes in customer expectations that I’ve seen in 2020. I hope you’ll, you’ll take some time to discuss this with your internal teams and figure out how you can adjust your communication or adjust your processes to, to respond better to your customers in light of these changes.

If you’d like to chat more about this, I’d love, I’d love to drop a comment below and let’s chat have a great day and stay safe, everybody.