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How to Set Goals for Your Social Media Campaign

How to Set Goals for Your Social Media Campaign

Let’s discuss some of the benefits and metrics you can use for setting goals for your Social Media engagement campaigns.

Let’s talk about how you can set some goals to help you reach your targets when it comes to your upcoming Social Media campaign you’ve been working on to get up and running in 2018.

One of the things you want to factor into your social media goals is the frequency of your posts.  That means, how often are you posting new content on social media.  Set a goal for the number of posts you want per week, the topics you want to discuss, and stick with it, whether it’s 3 posts a week, 4 posts, 5 posts a week, or even per day. You want to consider what your audience is expecting when you’re setting these goals.  Posting too often could alienate or frustrate your followers, so keep that in mind.

Set a goal, monitor your progress on that goal so you can stay on track and make sure you’re doing what you initially set out to do.  Another goal you want to look at is your response time.  Take a look at how long you want to take before you respond to someone’s comment on social media.  Set some reasonable goals that can take into account your capacity, your staff levels and how frequently your team or staff is near a computer or mobile device to be able to accurately and properly respond to a complaint or feedback on social media.

Setting goals is a great way for you to figure out exactly what you want to do, and monitor your progress as you go about your day to day business to make sure you’re on track, so that when you’re looking back at your quarter or year, you can look at how well you did from your performance perspective to your goal perspective.