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How The Smallest Increase In Page Speed Improves Online Sales

See the dramatic impact a 0.1 second improvement in website load times makes to conversions and sales

Hi, I want to take a moment to talk about how your page speed or how fast your website responds, plays a crucial role in how well your website actually delivers results for your business.

Back in 2018, Google incorporated page speed as part of its algorithm. When it’s trying to calculate where a website ranks on search results, what that means is the faster your website responds, it’ll help you improve your positioning on organic search results. A slow website means it’ll hurt where you are when someone Googles something you’re ranking for.

Deloitte and Google ran a study recently where they polled 70 different brands online, and their hope was, their goal rather, was to see if there’s a correlation between how your website loads in terms of time versus how your website performs and the results aren’t really surprising.

A 0.1 second increase resulted in:

Retail – 8.4% increase in conversions and a 9.2% increase in average order total.

Travel – 10.1% increase in conversions with a 1.9% increase in order value.

Luxury – 8.6% increase in page views

Lead Generation – 8.3% decrease in their bounce rates.

All of these numbers are amazing and it’s just for a 0.1 per cent improvement in your website’s speed.It’s super important that when you’re looking at how you want to improve your digital marketing, whether it’s new landing pages, new ads, or whatever, don’t overlook, an easy win, which is just making sure your website loads quickly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile Sites Continue to Trail Desktop Sites in terms of Speed

This study also found that websites on mobile, on average, perform 2.6 times slower.The average speed for desktop is 2.9 seconds. And the average for mobile was 7.9 seconds.7.9 seconds is way too long for a website, a webpage to load on a mobile device. People on mobile are in a rush. They’re on the go and it’s super important for us all to always remember that people want information fast. They want it right away.

What You Can Do

Look at your website, test it out, see how it’s performing on different pages, whether it’s e-commerce or whatever, and see how it’s performing on desktops and mobiles and do whatever you can to get that speed up. Improve your hosting, improve your servers, make your website more efficient by improving the coding or platform it’s running on.

There’s a multitude of ways that a marketing agency or a development firm can help you improve the speed of your website.I’m Sandeep, that’s your Digital Marketing Moment for today. Hope you found this tip valuable. If you want to chat about it some more, feel free to drop a comment below.