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How to Keep Viewers Focused on Your Videos

These are five mistakes you can avoid so you can capture, and keep someone’s attention on you and your message. When you’re creating a marketing, or promotional video you want to make sure you have the viewer’s undivided attention on you and your message so that they can absorb whatever you’re trying to convey to them.

Avoid Distractions in the Background

Look behind wherever you’re shooting your video, and remove anything in the frame that could be distracting, whether it’s a poster, whether it’s a messy desk, or whatever it is, get rid of it because people are going to be drawn to it.

Remover Distractions Around the Subjects’ Head

Things like random light switches, or a poster on the wall or anything like that, that could be in the vicinity of the person’s head will distract people from paying attention to what you’re saying and you’ll ultimately lose people when your video is playing.


Avoid overhead lighting. What this does is it creates a shadow, which is sometimes referred to as raccoon eyes, around or underneath your eyes. Not to say overhead lighting is all bad, but if you’re going to use overhead lighting, keep some extra lighting on the left and the right side so that you’re able to counteract the shadow that might be created by that overhead light, and create a balanced lighting look.

Avoid Blank or Off-White Walls Behind You

If you’re going to have a plain wall, make sure it’s bright white, because you don’t want it to look dirty. Also, on that note, avoid having a whiteboard behind you because what it will look as though you have shiny spots on the video clip. If you need visual aids, get an easel, and draw your note or, better yet add a PowerPoint presentation behind it to help reinforce whatever point you’re trying to make in that video.

Have Great Audio Sound

Make sure you’ve got a mic that captures audio very clearly and very well. There’s lots of inexpensive choices out there. You don’t want your voice to have an echo, or be too quiet or too loud, or be hard to understand. You will immediately lose your audience with poor quality audio. Make sure you edit your video to get rid of any distracting sounds like white noise in post-production.

If you avoid these five mistakes, I promise you it’s going to go a long way in making your videos more professional, and more importantly, more convincing. This will build up your brand reputation, and build loyalty with your audience.

I hope you enjoyed these tips today. Stay healthy and safe. Everyone. We’ll talk to you soon.