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How to Try Different Marketing Strategies Quickly

Today, I want to talk about the benefits of being both flexible and nimble when it comes to marketing your business online.

10, 20 years ago, when a company wanted to launch a new marketing campaign, they would build a campaign and launch it and then let it go for a several months to a year. Then they would wait for the results and would see what happened and adjust from there.Due to the high rate of speed that things work online combined with how relatively quick it is to create a campaign on whatever platform or medium there is, it’s become extremely important for an organization to be nimble as well as flexible.

The days of running a campaign for a year and looking at results later and, and reacting to them are gone.You need to be able to launch a campaign monitor for a few weeks to a month. If things are going well, maybe a quarter and then make decisions at a much earlier point in time than you would have in the past.The beauty of this approach and being nimble is you can actually try things simultaneously.

Whereas before, a company would do something because there was a proven track record of a platform or a campaign working on a certain medium for certain demo, the ability that’s available now is to just simply think of an idea, launch it and test it. If it doesn’t work out, scrap it and start a new one. It’s a huge amount of potential because it’s going let you experiment some more and try things that you may not otherwise have been able to try – budget permitting, of course.

Really be able to figure out what’s going to work well for your business at a much faster rate.If you want to talk about what kind of campaigns are available to you and how you can use your organization structure or help adjust your structure to be more nimble and flexible, I’d love to talk about it. Leave a comment below, or shoot me a message.