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How To Write a Headline That Gets More Shares On Facebook

How To Write a Headline That Gets More Shares On Facebook

Today I want to share a couple of great ideas that will help get the content you’re sharing on social media channels like Facebook get more clicks, and more hits to your website.

The challenge with content marketing is two-fold. First, you gotta write a great article. Second, you gotta make sure people are actually going to find your article, read & share it and ultimately interact with your brand.

Buzzsumo has done some research on what kind of text you can include in your headline to maximize your engagement rate.

Here’s what they found. These are some of the best performing headlines right now:

  • “… … … will make you”
  • “this is why … happens”
  • “can we guess why … happens”
  • “only X people, or only 5 people ….”

These headlines create a sense of curiosity and create an emotional response in people, that makes them want to learn what exactly the article is about, because you’re tugging at their heart strings.

Another technique is to appeal to a specific group when you’re sharing some of your content. For example, let’s say your target market is teachers. Having a headline that says something like “25 things that only teachers will understand” and then linking it to your content is a great way to get that curiosity lightbulb to light up in someone’s head and motivate them to come to your website or your blog to read that unique piece of content that you’ve put together.

The next time you’re putting together a great piece of content for the web, put some thought into the headline that you want to use on social media to drive people to that unique piece of content.

I’m Sandeep with this week’s Digital Marketing Moment. I hope you found this tip valuable and if you did, I encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we’ll be posting a new tip every Monday.