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How to use Reviews Effectively On Your Website

Online users trust reviews posted on sites like Google and Facebook.  If you’re still posting reviews on your website as “testimonials”, you need to watch this video.

Have you ever questioned some of the reviews you might read that are posted on a business’s website?
Let’s talk about that!

A lot of businesses have websites and they post customer reviews on their websites, usually under a page called testimonials or about us.

Their goal here is to convey to their potential clients out there how their existing clients feel about them.
What kind of experience their existing clients are having and they want to share how awesome they are or how awesome their clients feel about them in hopes of enticing you to become a new customer of theirs. It’s a good idea, just the approach isn’t ideal.

The problem with this approach is it doesn’t convey authenticity.  When you own your website, you canpost anything you want on that website. You can even make up a review, or hide negative reviews. As a website viewer, it’s really tough to know whether the business is being truthful and forthcoming with the reviews that they’re sharing.

Third Party Review Sites (Think Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc…)

This is where review sites like Google and Facebook have really made it a lot easier for consumers to figure out whether reviews are actually authentic. Since these sites handle user authentication, consumers are more trusting of what’s posted on these types of sites.

You’re probably thinking: how do I make these authentic reviews show up on my website because not everyone’s gonna hit the Google My Business page, or Facebook, or wherever to check reviews.

First, you can start by asking your customers to leave the reviews on Google or other sites instead of your website or instead of sending them via email to you.  Then,  you can insert or embed reviews directly from Google onto your website.

The embedded Google reviews will incorporate Google’s got its branding, and users can click on the reviews to open them up in Google, to see if they’re authentic or keep reading about your business.  This eliminates any doubt as to the authenticity of your online reviews!

If you want to share reviews that are on Facebook, if you can’t embed, at the very least, you can post a link to your Facebook page specifically to the reviews section, making it super easy for customers to access and read those awesome reviews that you might have on Facebook about
your business.

If you need some help managing your reviews or your online presence, drop me a note and we can take a look!