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If your website doesn’t have this 1 item, you’re missing out!

If your website doesn't have this 1 item, you're missing out!

Find out if your website has the one critical ingredient necessary for success!

Today, I want to talk to you about 1 crucial element that every website needs to have if it wants to be productive.  By productive, I mean, getting leads for your business or selling your products and services to your target market.  That critical element is a Call to Action.  A call to action is the action, or next step that you want someone to take when they are browsing your website.

An example of a call to action on an e-commerce website would be the Add to Cart button, and the Checkout button.  They are the things that you want people to do when they are on your website.  After all, that e-commerce store won’t be making you money if people can’t find an easy way to add products to their cart and check out.

On a website that’s got a product catalog on it with different goals, you might have a Request a Quote or Request for Consultation button on that type of website.

No matter what the purpose of your website is, every website should have a goal, an incentive or a purpose.  Most businesses and marketers will want the visitor that’s coming to the website to take some form of action.  If you haven’t done this already, put some thought into the goal or goals you have for your website, and think about what you want your visitors to do when they get to your website.

Make sure that step or call to action is clear and evident on every page of the website, regardless of where they are on your website, whether they’re at the top or bottom of a page. There should be something that guides your user to take that next step to become a lead or a sale for your business.

You’d be surprised how many people skip this crucial step!