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User permissions and how you can secure your website to make sure nothing goes wrong, such as anything unexpected from happening. That could be from an employee going in somewhere where they shouldn’t be or a malicious user exploiting a vulnerability to try to wreak havoc on your business. So for the first angle, which is employee permissions, what you need to do is figure out the different types of roles that people play within your organization and your website. Once you know that, you can set up roles in your website’s content management system and give permission or access only to specific areas.

So for example, let’s say you’ve got HR staff, you could create a role for HR and make sure they’re only able to access sections pertaining to job postings so that they’re not able to, edit the headings on your homepage, for example. That’s an example of departments and roles and how they all work together.

Now, on the perspective of malicious users, one of the best ways nowadays to secure your website is by implementing two-factor authentication. So it’s a relatively new term. What it really means is when someone tries to log into your website with some credentials, rather than just letting them in, if their password is correct, what the website can do with two-factor authentication is send a text message to whoever’s supposed to have that username with a specific 6 or 10 digit code. If the user puts in the right code, great, they have access. And there’s other ways you can implement two-factor authentication, such as using Google’s Authenticator app or using some of these password management tools like 1Password or LastPass.

You want to make sure you do get two-factor authentication enabled on your website because more and more websites are being exploited even though passwords seem to be secure, simply due to people being able to perform brute force attacks. So I hope this helps and I hope you’re able to execute some of these suggestions I made today to lock down your websites and make sure nothing bad happens.