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Quick & Easy Way to Get More Reviews

Reviews are one of the easiest ways to build trust and authority in the space that you’re operating your business in. So why is it that so many businesses out there neglect this? What I like to think of? Such an easy technique in terms of promoting yourselves and building some authority online, and the answer usually boils down to, we don’t know how, or we don’t have time.

Let’s talk about how you can get some great reviews, get a lot of reviews without spending too much time on it. The answer lies in automation, so, and building it into your processes. Let’s talk a little bit about that. Let’s say you’re running an e-commerce business and you’re selling, you know, five orders per day, and you’re shipping out those same five orders per day. Not a lot, but still that’s 150 orders per month, which is no small number.

Now, imagine there was a way for you to automatically send an email to people a week after they got their product in the mail, asking them how they feel about it, and if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review, right?

If you’re already doing this process manually, it could be tedious and he could take some time, and there’s lots of room for error and all that other fun stuff that can happen that are reasons why people aren’t doing this enter automation.

There are so many different tools out there available that will let you automate your customer journey. That includes the component after the sale, where you’re asking people to deliver review, to share how your product made their lives better to share how awesome they feel after they received or unboxed your product at home. Look into an automation product that can integrate with your existing processes, um, or e-commerce delivery system, so that you’re not spending any time collecting these reviews.

All you’re going to have to do is answer some reviews. After a few months, you’re going to see the reviews are just going to keep coming in. The best part is not only do reviews, make you look awesome to people that are comparing you to your competitors. Google also loves businesses that have a lot of positive reviews, and you could see your organic search rankings improve as the number of positive reviews come through. If you need some help delivering or collecting automated reviews for your business, for your products, for your services, or even integrating it into your existing sales process, that’s not entirely digital.

Let’s talk about how we can help automate your review collection process and build up your authority and reputation online without any work, talk to you soon, stay safe, everybody.