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Recovering from a Marketing Fail – Part 2 – Website Errors

Recovering from a Marketing Fail - Part 2 - Website Errors

Technical problems with your website could be contributing to a marketing campaign failure. Find out why and how to fix common technical website issues.

Hi, welcome to Part 2 of Recovering from a Marketing Failure.  In this part, we’re going to look at your website.

If you’re confident that your messaging and call-to-actions are working, then we need to look at your website.  If your website isn’t loading in under 2 seconds, you could be risking visitors dropping off.  Getting a website that’s crashing, pages that aren’t being found, 404 error messages? Even the best marketing strategy can fail just because of a small technical failure.  Sometimes it’s poor website hosting, and other times it’s just a technical issue with your website.  Test your website often to avoid this type of mistake, and your marketing campaigns will have a higher chance of succeeding.  I’m Sandeep with this week’s Digital Marketing Moment.  Join me for the next part when we talk about your marketing strategy in a marketing fail situation.