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Recovering from a Marketing Fail – Part 3 – Marketing Strategy

Recovering from a Marketing Fail - Part 3 - Marketing Strategy

If your targeting and technology platforms are working, it’s time to evaluate your marketing strategy in the event of a marketing fail.

In part 3 of Recovering from a Marketing Failure, we’re going to look at your marketing strategy.

One common reason your marketing campaigns could fail is that we often see business owners only focus on their campaign rather than overall strategy.  This means the specific tactics for a unique promotion or campaign, instead of looking at the big picture which is your marketing strategy.

A simple example is when you task your employees or an outsourcing agency and say “do my social media marketing”.  When you do this as a tactic, you’re not really considering how all of the different elements of your marketing strategy will work together.  How cohesive are your different campaigns?  Are things consistent across platforms?  Is your imaging and messaging on your website in sync with what you’re saying on social media   We need to look at how all the pieces are going to fall together, or developing a long-term strategy in how you want your marketing to work.

For a marketing strategy to be effective, you need to understand your target audience, determine how best you want to reach them, and set goals for your campaign.

Do some split-testing with your approach.  Split-testing involves setting up 1, 2 or more different ads and seeing how they’re performing against the same audience and pick which ad works the best.

Last but not least, you need to monitor your campaign and adjust it as needed, not just turn it on and watch it happen on it’s own.  Join me next time when we discuss using repurposed content in the event of a marketing failure.