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Responsive Search Ads on the Google Ads Platform

Is your business taking advantage of Google’s use of AI with their Responsive Ads? Here’s what Responsive Ads are all about and how they can help your business.

Responsive search ads on the Google Ads platform.

Let’s see what they are and how they can help you grow your business.

Responsive Search Ads were born in 2018 which was about a year ago. They gave marketers the ability to use Google’s platform to dynamically generate ads resulting in saving marketers time by creating multiple versions of ads – pretty much every possible combination of ads on the fly automatically using AI or artificial intelligence.

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Google Responsive Ads Coming to Mobile Soon!

In the coming weeks, Google is expected to launch the ability to create these types of ads from their mobile app, so you won’t need to get on a computer to do that.

Business Benefits of Using Responsive Ads = Relevant Ads for Everyone!

One of the advantages of using machine learning for your ads is being able to create every possible combination of ad, and then serving the right ad combination to the right user, using machine learning. In advertising, it’s common knowledge that the better you can target your ad messaging to the user and what they’re looking for, the more effective the ad will be.

By being able to generate so many versions of ads and target the right ad to the right user, all dynamically using machine learning, you’ll be showing ads to users that are truly relevant. Great for your business, I encourage you to look into this to see if you can incorporate this into your business model.

To learn more about Responsive Ads and how they can help your business, contact me today.