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Review What You’re Saying With Your Marketing Automations In Light of COVID-19

If you’re using any form of automated messages going out to your clients and prospects, it’s vital that you review these messages in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid a potential PR nightmare.

Hey everyone, today’s post is for those that are using some form of marketing automation in their digital marketing strategy to help them communicate better with their prospects and clients. This is especially for those that haven’t reviewed the messaging in their automations lately.

Chances are that some of these automations may have been built a few months ago or even a year or longer ago. We need to adapt and adjust based on the pandemic that we’re in right now as a global community.

When you’re reviewing the messaging that’s going out as part of these automations, take a look at the context and the wording that you’re using in your messaging and make sure it doesn’t come off as being insensitive, greedy or selfish and just make sure you’re showing some compassion to people that are reading your messages today.

Some things that you can do is adjust what you’re saying based on how people are feeling.

When we typically build marketing automations and communication strategies with messaging, we build customer avatars and profiles that define how people are feeling, what their values are, what their problems and challenges are, etc so that the communication we’re delivering resonates with people.

Well guess what? All of those, or many of those parameters have changed for most of our clients and our target markets. You want to review those customer profiles and make sure that the messaging that you’re delivering is compassionate and takes into account that people’s moods and enthusiasm may have changed, and their priorities may have changed.

What they’re trying to achieve with your brand or your products or services may have changed. The change could vary depending on what you’re selling. It could mean just doing more research now for a purchase that they’re going to put off for a couple of weeks while they wait things out.

Or it could be a greater, more significant change, which, would require you to put some thought into how you’re communicating. One other thing is look for some opportunities to adapt and find a new need that your customers or target market may have as a result of the pandemic that we’re in right now.

Find a way to position yourself with your automated communications and your messaging so that you’re able to deliver a message that resonates well with your target market and hopefully drive some positive objectives for your organization and helps your customers and your target markets’ lives improve.

If you need some help or need some more pointers on how your marketing communications can adjust based on the COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to leave a note below.

I’d love to take a look and chat with you and see what kind of insights we can deliver for you to help your organization deliver better messaging during this pandemic.