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Search Console Maximize Usability and Search

Stay ahead of issues hurting your search engine position with Google Search Console.

Mobile usability and your position on Google Search.

Google regularly checks website usability on mobile devices as part of it’s algorithm when it’s trying to figure out where websites are going to rank on search results.

Google’s Search Console is the primary way Google will communicate with a website owner. It’s also where Google will share issues or updates on issues with the website that can affect its search position, and today I’m going to be focussing on mobile search.

Mobile usability is one of the largest factors when it comes to how you’re going to rank on Google. Some of the things Google can flag:

  • text being too small
  • buttons too close together
  • content overflowing.

This can all contribute toward a poor user experience. Google communicates these errors with its Search Console tool to website owners.

If you’re not getting this information, hurry on over to Search Console and setup the integration with your website. Follow thru with this and you’ll be sure to improve your search position and attract more qualified traffic to your website.

Remember, Google Search Console, get it setup on your website today.