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Shoppable Ads on Google Images are Here!

Google is rolling out Shoppable Ads on the Google Ads platform.  In a recent study, it was found that the majority of customers begin their online shopping journey on Google with a simple Google Search for a product.

This makes Google Ads one of the best (if not the best) place for ecommerce store owners to advertise their products.

What this means for ecommerce store owners out there is your customers will enjoy an even more frictionless experience and when it comes to online shopping, we all know that the easier we can make a transaction on our customer, the higher up those conversion rates will go. How this works is when Google is showing images related to your products, shoppable links to purchase your products on your website will be shown at the top, in the ad feed.

Your customers will be able to click the buy button and end up on your website to complete the transaction much quicker than what was possible before.  Other platforms such as Pintrest are already rolling this out, so keep an eye on your Google Ads account and make sure you enable what you need to when Google releases this feature to your account.

If you’re having trouble enabling this feature on your Google Ads account, get in touch with a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Google Ads and start winning with Shoppable Ads on Google Images.