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Stretch Your Marketing Dollar by Re-Purposing Marketing Content

When I meet with clients and we start talking about marketing, a reaction I see quite often when they walk into the conversation is an expectation of “Oh crap, this is going to cost a fortune! What are we going to do ? And is it going to be effective?”

One of the ways to be effective is to be efficient, right? So when you look at how you’re spending your money, when you’re talking about marketing,- work as efficiently as possible, I’m going to share one trick with you guys today on how to work efficiently. And this is what I like to call repurposing your content. It’s not a new concept, it’s a concept I want to share with you today.

Now, what essentially repurposing of content needs is taking whatever piece of content you’re creating on whatever platform, whether it’s video, a blog, an infographic, a banner, anything. Taking that piece of content and reusing it in different ways so that you’re able to get more out of it. I’m going to walk you through an example of how you could do that. Take, take my marketing videos right now. Take this video that we’re recording right now. Once I’m done recording this video, it’s going to get edited and it’s going to get posted on our YouTube channel and our LinkedIn page, possibly our Facebook page as well. So right off the bat we’ve taken this piece of content and posted it on three different social networks. But beyond that, we’re going to be transcribing this piece of content, that’s typing up and converting it into words and posting it onto our blog.

Following that, we’re going to be taking little pieces of what we’re posting or in that blog post, that piece of text and creating a couple of different banners that will be circulated on different social media pages in the weeks and months ahead. So not only will we be doing that, we’re going to take little clips, so I’ll pull out a sentence or two from one of these videos and create a super short video that we can post either on social media or as a story on our Instagram page. I hope you’re seeing what I’m doing here. I took one piece of content that we created, one sit down session in front of the camera and we’re converting it and creating five or more pieces of content that we’re going to be able to use in the weeks and months ahead. Now, don’t be afraid to revisit content that you’ve created five, six, seven months ago and just look at it and see if it’s still relevant. If it is still relevant, find a different way to post it, tweak it a little bit so that you’re able to get some value out of the investment that you put in creating content in the past. I hope you found this tip valuable and if you’d like to sit down and talk more about re-purposing content, drop a comment below or contact me. I’m Sandeep and that’s your Digital Marketing Moment for today.