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Take Advantage of Low Volume Keywords in your SEO Strategy

Are you targeting low volume keywords? Let’s look at why this opportunity is missed by so many businesses!

I want to talk about low volume keywords and why they shouldn’t be overlooked by you when you’re trying to figure out what keywords you’re optimizing your website for.

What is a low volume keyword?

Low volume keywords are keywords that are not searched for as much as other keywords.

To start, let’s define what a low volume keyword is. Typically, when you meet with someone’s that is going to talk about SEO, or how to optimize your content, they’re going to come at you with a list of all the keywords that we find are relevant, and if they’re really doing their job right, they’re going to tell you how many searches are happening in a given month for a keyword. They calculate that based on numbers Google makes available on the average number of monthly searches.

Most business owners and SEO experts will try to steer towards keywords that have higher search volumes with the justification that the more often people are searching for something, the better it is, and the more often you’ll show up in search results. Sure, that’s true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore low volume keywords.

When you’re looking at the difference between high volume keywords and low volume keywords, usually, the keywords that have lower volumes are longer phrases and more specific phrases.

A Case for Low Volume Keywords

For example, let’s say you’re looking to take a vacation in Niagara Falls. Some of the keywords that you might be searching for are “Niagara Falls Vacation”, “Niagara Falls Attractions”.

Searching for Niagara Falls Kayak Vacations

But what if you’re a company that’s working with a specific type of Niagara Falls vacation? Say for instance “Kayak Tours”, or white water rafting, not quite sure if that happens in Niagara, but let’s say for example that happens.

Someone that’s going to search for Niagara Falls Vacation White Water Rafting or Niagara Falls Vacation Kayaking etc… to give you an example of being more specific, that person is looking for something really specific.

If you’re able to provide that something that’s really specific, chances are that person coming to your website after finding you on search will be more qualified.

They’re going to get to your website and find something very specific and exactly what they’re looking for, rather than just a generic vacation website talking about vacationing in Niagara Falls.

Take Advantage

The benefit is, if most people and businesses are ignoring low volume search keywords, that means it’s easier to rank for those keywords. Those are easy wins. The moral of the story, and the point I’m trying to make is, don’t ignore low volume keywords.

There could be an opportunity to make some really quick gains and while the volume might be low, the people that do search for it are more likely to be qualified and close to making a purchase decision than someone looking for something generic.