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Use These Tricks to Get More Clicks from Your Social Media Posts

Struggling to get your followers to click on that social media post showing off your latest blog post? Here’s a few tricks to make your posts more engaging and yes, get more clicks!

Getting people to read the content you’re sharing on Social Media. If you’re struggling with getting your followers to click on that Facebook post that’s sharing the latest post on your blog, let’s talk about how we can fix that.

Here’s some ways you can draw more people to the content that you’re sharing via your social media posts.

The headline or Title

The first thing I want you to look at is: go beyond the headline. It’s simple, what you’re doing right now. You copy the post title in, throw it into a social update, hit post and easy peazy, all done. Right?The problem with that is it can be so boring. Instead of just sharing the headline, why not share a quote from the article that will intrigue people. If you’re talking about something interesting, pick up something, almost like a teaser, out of that post and put it up there to intrigue their attention. You can use compelling statistics that support your topic, right, like X percent of people are doing this, find out why. If you’re solving a problem for your audience in that post, share the problem. Start with that. Hey, are you having this problem? Let’s talk about it in this blog post.

Photos, Images and Video

People are often very lazy with image selection, I’m even guilty of that at times, because we’re all short on time. But the imagery is important, right? Try using GIF’s, or animated images. They grab attention, they’re funny and creating them has never been easier than before. Even better, use video. Speak to your audience. Video consumption is growing every day, and it’s becoming a huge, huge, huge thing marketers are using and not enough people are actually creating video.


Use emoji’s as part of your status update to get people’s attention. They make that text based status update stand out and pop. Put a couple of these items into play and I’m sure you’ll start getting more people to click on your social media posts and read that valuable content you’re putting together.