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Using Google Analytics Audiences to Improve Conversion Rates

Learning how different types of website visitors interact with your website using Google Analytics Audiences provides great insights on behaviour and opportunities to improve your conversion rates.

Audiences and Google Analytics.

Are you using this powerful feature in Google Analytics? This feature allows you to do is create audiences within the Google Analytics platform based on specific criteria around behavior or other patterns you set up.

For example, let’s say you want to see how people that look at your portfolio or look at a specific project in your portfolio behave on your website. You can do that very easily by setting up an audience called “Portfolio Viewers” and setting up rules that say “People that hit a certain page (which would be the page of the portfolio or project) on your website”. You’ll be able to see how a users based on this criteria are engaging with your website and access a treasure trove of data that can help you learn how you can improve your conversion rates for different subsets of people that are coming to your website.

Google Analytics Audiences

For example, you may notice that people that view your portfolio tend to convert more than people that don’t view your portfolio. One quick idea could be to make your portfolio links more prominent throughout your website so that people are more likely to check out that portfolio, see how great you are and hopefully become a new customer.

Check out Google Analytics Audiences.  You’ll really appreciate the data once you set things up!