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Using Live Chat as a Communication Method on Your Website

Using Live Chat as a Communication Method on Your Website

Today, I want to talk to you about how you can use different communication methods on your website to communicate with people visiting your website.

Everyone tends to have a preference on how they want to communicate with you, and it’s generally not all the same.  It could be by picking up the phone and talking to you, by filling out a form on your website, sending an email, or an in-person visit to your business location.

One new way you can use to communicate with people that are on your website is Live Chat.  Similar to text messaging, it allows people to type a message to you which you then receive on a computer or mobile device in your organization; and you reply back by typing back to them.  It’s very similar to a conversation you may have had in the past over text or SMS message.

What we found is many people in the millennial generation tend to favor using text messaging or live chat, because they find it less intrusive. Another benefit to you is that you can have one person responding to multiple website visitors, which is more efficient than multiple phone calls that require more attendants.

If you want to give the people that visit your website the most flexibility when it comes to the methods they can choose to communicate with you, try live chat on your website.  It’s very easy and extremely cost-effective.

I’m Sandeep and that was your Digital Marketing Moment for this week.  Join us next time when we continue our journey helping people like you win on the web.