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Using Text Messaging in Your Marketing Strategy

Text messaging could be a great tool to help you reach your customers and prospects. With the added benefit of integrating with marketing automation platforms, it’s a relatively low-cost high reward option!

Text messaging remains one of the most under-utilized methods of communication when we’re talking about marketing to your customers and prospects.

I want to talk about some good reasons why you should implement or at least consider text messaging as part of your marketing strategy.

For starters, 90% of text messages that are being sent out are opened and read within three minutes. These are global stats by the way.

95% of adults worldwide own a device that can receive these text messages.

They are a great way to get quick feedback since text messages are delivered literally instantaneously to your users. Collect feedback by asking them to either reply to the text message or you can even include links within the text message if you want people to end up on a landing page or a page about a specific promotion.

MMS messages or multimedia messages can even include pictures as part of your text messages, if that’s something that’s important in marketing or promoting your brand online.

And the last big advantage I want to share is the ability to integrate with marketing automation platforms. If you’re using a marketing automation platform, you’re probably already aware that it’s a great, cost-effective way to deliver personalized messages to your clients and prospects at the perfect time, depending on how you set things up. And there’s a lot of different text messaging platforms out there right now that will integrate with your marketing automation systems so that you’re able to deploy these text messages or implement them as part of your marketing strategy very easily and in a relatively low cost.

If you want to learn more about how to use text messaging as part of your marketing strategy, drop a comment below or give me a call and I’d love to chat about it.