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Why Should I Buy from You?

That’s the question people are asking themselves when they hit your website for the first time. Let’s talk a little bit about how you can use your online presence to answer that question for people today.

When you think about how you’d make a sales pitch when you’re face to face with somebody, more often than not, you’re going to have a component of that presentation talking a little bit about your successes or what makes you better, or why you’re the best choice for the person that’s standing in front of you when they’re trying to figure out if they should buy your product or service from you.

When I look at websites, that is an area that I feel people completely drop the ball on far too often. Most of the websites I look at do a great job about telling people who they are and what they do. Then they just have a form or a product for them to buy. They leave it at that.

They may have some information about their company buried somewhere else, but for the most part, there’s really no compelling reason being shared on why that business is the best choice for the customer.

Building That Credibility

I want to share some ideas that you can borrow from traditional face-to-face sales. When you’re talking about how to position yourself online, number one, build up your credibility by sharing your past successes. When you’re talking to somebody, you’re probably going to talk about some of the great things you’ve done, or some of the people that you’ve helped in the past that are relevant or similar to the person you’re trying to work with that’s right in front of you.

Make Reviews Prominent

Share some of the reviews that you’re receiving on Google, on Trust Pilot, Facebook, Yelp, wherever they may be, and make them prominent on your website after you’ve told people what you do, because once they learn what you do instinctively, they’re going to be looking to see whether they trust you enough and reviews are a great way to build up that trust.

Brag About Similar Clients You’ve Worked With

When you talk about other similar clients or companies or people that you’ve worked with, that people can kind of recognize, that’s another great way to build up that trust and reinforce the why you should choose me for your business.

Case Studies Work Well

Share some case studies about some successes that you think your target market would care about in similar sectors of your target markets.

Client Logos

Shares the names of some of the clients that you’ve worked with in the past that they’ll recognize as well to boost up credibility. People are going to think, “well, if this company is good enough to help so-and-so, I’m kind of like them. I want to work with these guys or these people as well.”

Now I receive a lot of resistance when I talk to clients about putting up some of the logos of their clients on their website to build up trust. The reason is usually around, well, we don’t want to give our competitors a list of our clients so that they can go ahead and poach them. And I always call BS on that argument.

A client is not going to leave you just one of your competitors called them and said, “Hey, let’s do business together.” If they do leave you, it’s probably because you haven’t been doing a good job or good enough job servicing them/their needs.

When a client is happy with you, they’re not just going to leave you for no reason, just because your competitor called you; so believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself and you’re able to brag about yourself on your website or on your Google ads or wherever you’re advertising.

Show Them You’re The Best Choice

If you’re able to show people why you’re the best choice for them by going beyond just here’s what we do, you’re going to be closing far more deals and getting a lot more inquiries through your website. So take a look at your website and see how well you’re answering the why should I choose you question to people that are coming onto your website?

If you need some ideas, feel free to drop a comment below. I’d love to chat some more; in the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy everybody.