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Why Your Website Needs Google Search Console

Often overlooked, Google Search Console provides valuable insights on factors that affect your position on Google Search. Watch and see how it can help you get the most out of your website.

Google Search Console. One of the most overlooked items when people launch a new website is setting up Search Console. I want to talk about why Search Console is so important to the success of your website.

Google Search Console is a tool that Google provides website owners on how to track their website’s performance on Search. This isn’t like Google Analytics where you can go and see how people are behaving on your website and see things like Time on Site, or which pages they went to.

Search Console is the link between Google Search and Google Analytics. Without Search Console, you don’t get an accurate picture of what people are searching for on Google when they come to your website. So if you don’t believe me and you haven’t set it up, head over to Google Analytics right now and look at the Queries tab.

How to Tell if Google Search Console is Already Working

If you haven’t setup Search Console, the screen will be blank prompting you to install Search Console so you can integrate that data into your Google Analytics Reports and see everything in one spot. Search Console provides even more.

More Than Just Search

It’s where you go to submit your site map to Google, which tells Google which pages you want it to crawl and how frequently. It’s also where Google will communicate issues it finds with your website that could impact your search position. These are huge tidbits of information that you can use to improve your position on online search. If you haven’t done so already, head over to google.com/webmasters and get Search Console set up on your website today.