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Writing Scripts That Sell

If you’re just getting started into using videos to promote your brand, here’s a great set of pointers to get those scripts on point.

When you want to get the most out of videos and advertising, or posting your videos on social media, your message needs to get out quick and convincingly, as our attention spans are super limited. These are the three things I want you to do before you put out your next video:

Read Your Script Out Loud

Read your script out loud and ask yourself if it’s conversational. Are you lecturing somebody or are you speaking with somebody and hoping to kind of have a two-way conversation? You want to strive for a conversational approach in your scripts and use short, punchy words. When you’re putting together video scripts, you don’t have to use full sentences. Just treat it like a conversation and use sentence fragments.

Use Words That Get Viewers Visualizing

Use words that are going to help your viewers visualize what you’re saying. The best way to do this is with the eyes wide shut test. Ask someone to sit in when you’re reading your script out loud and ask them to close their eyes, as you read. Once you’re done, when they open their eyes, ask them what kind of images popped into their heads. If the right images came up, you’re golden. If the wrong images came or worse, no images came, it’s time to get back to the drawing board and make your script a little bit more inspiring.

Avoid Weak Words. Use Unique Words!

Get rid of the weak words. We’re not writing essays in school anymore, so it’s not about getting the word count up, be succinct, be concise, and stick to the point so that you don’t lose people’s interest halfway through your video.

Don’t choose the same words that other people in the industry are using, unless you want to blend in. We want to use video to stand out from competitors and from other people that are doing the same thing.

Choose words that are unique, that you would use when you’re talking to people. We all have different words that we prefer, or we like to use when we’re having face-to-face conversations. Work those in to your scripts. It will take some time, and practice to get your script on point.

If you want some help, I’ve got a great video script audit that I just posted below. Use that audit to get your videos on point.

I wish you all success in getting those videos up, and building up some sales and momentum for your brand.

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