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You Need To Elevate Your Content Game

You need to elevate your game and start creating great content.

The web is getting more and more competitive when it comes to the amount of content and the amount of publishers that are out there creating content, and they’re all competing or fighting for the attention span of the market of users online. That could be your customers or your prospects as well.

Your content game needs to be elevated to make sure you are capturing the attention of your audience so they don’t just scroll past your content when they’re on their social media feeds or wherever you’re choosing to promote your content.

Here’s a couple of things I’d like you to do to help elevate your content game.

Make sure you’re targeting your recipient properly when you’re creating your content. Most businesses will have a couple of different types of people that they want to work with, whether it’s based on the decision maker, whether it’s based on the product or the service.

When you’re creating content, try to create pieces of content to target that specific type of user, not just a generic customer. If you haven’t mapped out who your customers are and what their profiles look like, start there right now.

Segment your customer list or your prospect list into some logical groups based on what kind of problem that they’re trying to solve in their life, or what interests them or what would be something that would really capture their interest or attention when they’re going about their day, whether it’s at home or whether it’s at work.

One of the things you need to do is work on that title. Your title needs to capture their attention right away. If your title is lame, or if your title just doesn’t seem to get any attention or build any form of excitement or interest, people are going to scroll right by and never even see that wonderful, awesome article that could have actually made their lives better, just because you didn’t put the time into creating a title that’s engaging and captivating.

If you want to talk more about how to create some engaging content and elevate your content game, feel free to drop a comment below.